About Us

Colombia has established itself worldwide as an important stage in the development of practices and procedures of recognized medical and dental applications in fields such as: Bariatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Fertility, Dermatology, among others. Additionally it is a country with lavishing geographic beauty, which accompanied by the warmth that characterizes it, makes Colombia a fast growing destination for health tourism.

Aware of this great potential, the Travel Healthy Group SAS is born, a company specializing in medical tourism thinking in the well being of our national and international clients.

In THG, we accompany you integrally (360 °) in all your travel needs: pre and post surgical support, flight recommendations, travel plans, transportation, accommodation, tours and all your additional logistic needs.

Phone number: (574) 3511768

Address: Calle 38 # 66 A 44 en Medellín - Colombia

Skype: Travel Healthy Group

Our Mission

Our vision

With our customers: Accompany from start to finish  being integral, honest and professional with our national and international clients in order to meet, exceed their medical and dental needs and expectations through excellent logistics, personalized attention and a service with the utmost quality.

With our partners and strategic allies: respect, teamwork and the creating of value.

With the national and international community: to be the reference in medical tourism for the quality of our services.

To be the health tourism company in Colombia that provides greater security, satisfaction and quality of medical and dental services to our patients, enabling them to lead peaceful and healthy lives alongside their loved ones.

Our City: Medellín


Medellin... City of Eternal Spring. With a strategic location situated in a valley in the Central Cordillera of the Andes at 1,475 meters above sea level. This makes it a city with a mild climate with average temperatures of 24º C (72.5º F).

Medellín: The city has undergone enormous urban,educational,cultural and social transformation, holds the title of the second largest city in Colombia after its capital, Bogota, and is considered as the epicenter of commercial, industrial and technological development in the country. Denoted for leadership in the areas of finance, banking, services, politics, art, culture, communications, fashion and entertainment, the city has achieved a prominent role in Latin America and becomes the focus of development not only in the continent but worldwide.

The city received the Honor Habitat Award from the UN Habitat Agency, United Nations, in recognition of the progress that the City Administration has been developing high impact programs for poverty reduction: Solidarity Medellín, Healthy Start and Quality of Life Survey.

Medellín, the ideal destination, for its warm and friendly people, the spring weather, landscapes full of flowers and mountains, great dining, shopping and tourism, which providing its visitors opportunities for fun, business and the delight of a new and exciting city to learn and explore.


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